Decentralized Content Delivery for Everyone, Everywhere

Instantly transform your installed app base into a flexible network of content distributors


  • In the beginning a single server farm transmitted data to apps. Drawbacks: network congestion at bottleneck, obvious cyberattack targeting, poor scalability, etc.
  • Centralized Content Distribution Networks (CDNs) evolved to get around some of these limitations, feeding data to apps from geographically proximate servers. Drawbacks: increased number of servers reduced but didn’t eliminate network congestion, did little to constrain possible censorship, and proved expensive to scale and maintain.
  • The state-of-the-art is NewNode’s Decentralized Content Delivery Network (dCDN). Every NewNode-enabled app is able to receive and transmit content from other apps without impacting the end-user experience. Advantages: a large and ever-changing dynamic network makes censorship impossible; no CDN maintenance costs; automatic scalability as app user base expands; eliminates most types of network congestion.


The largest CDNs on the planet have hundreds of thousands of servers… NewNode’s dCDN already has over a million nodes.

There are five billion mobile devices in use across the globe, representing in sum the most powerful distributed network ever created.

Why use a comparatively small, expensive CDN instead of tapping into this vast and underutilized global network?


NewNode is the premier decentralized peer-to-peer content delivery protocol, enabling data distribution free from censorship, spying, and attack.

NewNode seamlessly builds a decentralized content distribution network which is quickly and easily deployed by publishers, transparent to users, and greatly improves overall network performance.

  • NewNode radically democratizes content distribution by leveraging the power of decentralized peer-to-peer networks.
  • NewNode allows app content to reach users even if the source is blocked or censored.
  • NewNode is a fast and reliable content distribution system uniquely resistant to censorship, DDoS attacks, and
other types of disruption.
  • NewNode is built using secure industry-wide standards and takes advantage of BitTorrent’s 250 Million user base to bootstrap its distribution network.
  • NewNode is quick and easy for app developers to implement and invisible to the end user.


NewNode is the premier decentralized, peer-to-peer content delivery protocol.

Faster Delivery

NewNode delivers content faster and more reliably than traditional CDNs using robust and dynamic peer-to-peer networks with multiple connections.


NewNode uses industry-standard cryptographic technologies and a hardened framework to secure content against snooping and cyberattacks.


NewNode’s decentralized network circumvents oversight by oppressive regimes, rebuffs corporate interference, and is impossible to block or censor.


NewNode uses a global network of mobile devices and doesn’t rely on centralized servers which are easy to pinpoint, monitor, attack, and control.



Using its revolutionary peer-to-peer technology NewNode cuts out the centralized network middleman and delivers content more securely and significantly faster than other CDNs.


By using a globally-distributed network created by millions of mobile devices NewNode’s dCDN is extremely robust, immune to adverse local conditions, and self-repairing.

Built To Standards

NewNode is built to industry standards and functions as an independent building block easily incorporated into any app.  Independent developers can quickly access the NewNode network after a trivial installation and a hassle-free configuration.


NewNode’s peer-to-peer principle makes transmitted data inherently more secure, removing unsafe centralized servers from the communication pathway.  Centralized servers are nearly always the target of cyberattacks and censorship attempts, and established distributed networks, such as BitTorrent, have shown themselves to be extremely resilient in the face of both malicious attacks and attempts at corporate/ISP control.


NewNode not only circumvents censorship but provides countless other benefits to app developers and users, including protection from cyberattacks, full encryption of incoming and outgoing data, and faster content delivery.


NewNode is a radical departure from expensive, hard-to-maintain, and unsecure traditional CDNs. NewNode’s decentralized, secure, and fast protocol gives app developers the ability to guarantee content delivery in the face of active adversarial opposition, man-made or natural disasters, network congestion or slowdowns, and overt governmental censorship attempts.


The core of NewNode is the principle of decentralized technology. NewNode’s dCDN empowers its users by tapping into the power of a democratic, global communication network, allowing ideas be heard independent of external interference.


The NewNode team has already made significant contributions to decentralized content distribution networks. Stanislav Shalunov created LEDBAT and FireChat, and Greg Hazel led the development of μTorrent.


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